Today’s Starting Lineups

5pm PST: Stonemen at Warbirds (3 game series)

7:30pm PST: Bombers at Sandvipers (3 game series)

With this weekend’s big NFT launch and now today’s official launch of the NFT mission cards there’s a lot to be excited about in the PLW. But first, here’s are todays starting lineups to help you decide who to root for!

Series 1: Stonemen at Warbirds

Stonemen Game 1 Starting Lineup (visitors)

  1. Levi Lawrence
  2. Nate Stepna
  3. Jimmy Talamentez
  4. Dan Hetzel
  5. Austin Bull

Starting Pitchers:

  • Levi Lawrence
  • Austin Bull
  • Nate Stepna

Stonemen Notes: Tyler Willinsky will not be in time to start the game 1. Peter Ponce, Sean Plake and Alan Sharples will be available off the bench.

Warbirds Game 1 Starting Lineup (home team)

  1. Jim Dodos
  2. Mat Petrikas
  3. Chris Warfield
  4. Tim Reilly
  5. Stephen Johnson

Starting Pitchers (not in order)

  • Matt Petrikas
  • Jim Dodos
  • Chris Warfield

Warbirds Notes: Starting lineup order is not set in stone and based on available players and may shuttle some. Warbirds are for sure without Peter Mocabee and KJ LaCroix in tonight’s series.

Overall Series Notes: The Stonemen look to be at full strength against a Warbird’s team missing 3 of their strongest bats in Peter Mocabee, KJ LaCroix and most likely Chris Gschwender and will have to rely on production from two of their rookies in Tim Reilly and Stephen Johnson. For the Stonemen, Nate Stepna has shown all star potential with the bat from day one and after his most recent appearance on the mound has got the Stonemen excited for a potential much needed arm behind Lawrence.

Mission’s Breakdown

  • Best Bet: Lawrence to Strike out 16 (80% favorite)
  • Worst Bet: Willinsky to hit 3 homeruns (not in lineup game 1, less than 10% favorite)
  • Hidden Gem: Warfield to hit 1 homerun (very low cost NFT, high reward)

Series 2: Bombers at Sandvipers

Stonemen Game 1 Starting Lineup (visitors)

  1. Mateo Fernandez
  2. Alex Carrasco
  3. Alain Fernandez
  4. Max Fernandez
  5. Bruce Huson

Starting Pitchers

  • Brian Puter
  • Alex Carrasco
  • Mateo Fernandez

Bombers Notes: Brian Puter and Trevor Bauer, both solid hitters both available off the bench.

Sandvipers Game 1 Starting Lineup (home team)

  1. Adam Tanic
  2. TJ Brown
  3. Tom Gannon
  4. Casey Herzog
  5. Buck Burner

Starting Pitchers

  • Tom Gannon
  • Jason Walker
  • Buck Burner

Sandviper Notes: Trench Picone on the bench in game 1 will be hitting in the 5 spot in Games 2 and 3. Alonzo Valencia in attendance but Vipers will be without Nick Hamelin and Michael Dean. Sandviper’s first round draft pick Buck Burner will be getting his first start on the mound in place of usual starting pitcher Adam Tanic.

Overall Series Notes: While the Sandvipers are big favorites in this series the Bombers are starting to put things together as both rookie brothers Mateo and Max continue to improve on both sides of the ball. Sandviper pitching hasn’t been as consistent this summer while some say it’s due to a tough 1st half schedule tonight will be a test how deep their staff really is.

Mission’s Breakdown

  • Best Bet: Mateo to hit 1 homerun (low cost, high reward, leading off, 60% to hit a HR tonight)
  • Worst Bet: Tom Gannon 11 strike outs (If Gannon can pitch 8+ innings, it’s a lock, but with Walker 1st in relief, he may not get that chance)
  • Hidden Gem: TJ Brown (Previous and Current Season leader in singles, TJ has had 5 hits in a game before and you just need it for the series)

Check out all of the Mission’s Right Here and be sure to pick your winners before the game start as they will be removed.