Week 10 Power Rankings

Week 10 – Power Rankings

1) SANDVIPERS (21-5) – Another week with the Sandvipers at the top of the Power Rankings and rightfully so. The offense is on a record setting pace. It seems like the entire lineup is averaging an RBI per game and one pitch in the wrong location will end up over the wall. But fans, this is not just a one trick team. The pitching has been fantastic with one of the league’s top pitching staff, anchored by PLW commissioner Adam Tanic. The defense in the infield is second to none and with the health of Landon White finally getting him into the lineup and on the field, the outfield may be getting better. I look forward to offensive records that team will chase as a squad and some of the individual records that may fall. Another team that can be penciled into the playoffs, and will also be looking to become the first team to win 2 PLW Championships.

2) CAJUNS (17-9) – Last week’s series against the Sandvipers did not answer any questions and the series was left incomplete due to darkness and with each team winning 1 game each, in their own unique ways, there may be more questions than answers. A walk off in extra innings would seem to be a Cajun way to win a game, but it came in a slugfest against the best offense in the PLW. That just proves that the Cajuns’ offense is as good as anyone’s in the PLW. It was the pitching, surprisingly that did not step up in the second game of their series with the Sandvipers. PLW do not count on that happening too often. This is another team built for the playoffs, so any week-to-week success or lack of, will not sway the defending champs. They have one goal, first ever 2x PLW champs!

3) VADERZ (19-8) – Talk about a great series! If you have never watched PLW, find the Week 9 Vaderz vs. Bombers series and sit back and enjoy. You had it all. And not to spoil the ending, but the Vaderz win the series in walk off fashion and it is one of the newest Vaderz who the hero was. This lineup is good 1-6. The defense features some of the leagues most athletic players with Kyle Eder, Tanner Roundy and Logan Christie. And the pitching staff may have 4 PLW caliber aces! They have a huge series this week against the Cajuns and after the emotional series last week, can they ride the momentum and take a series from the Cajuns and separate from them in the standings and move past them in the Power Rankings? Tune in this weekend, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

4) LIGHTNING (17-10) – The Lightning were shocked last week against the Ones, and a lesser team may not be able to recover from 2 walk off losses. But have faith Lightning fans, this is a long season, and every team will have a stretch where they go 3-6 or 2-7, the league is too deep. This team is built for the playoffs, which should be within reach. A strong lineup, maybe the 2nd or 3rd best pitching staff in the league and maybe the league’s best defense, long losing streaks just will not be a common occurrence. I would like to see them try to add another bat for those weeks when Dalbey is not at the top of the lineup, if the price is right. But I expect this team to be in the playoffs and will have as good a chance to bring home a PLW title as any team.

5) BOMBERS (13-13) – The Bombers have looked good in back-to-back weeks, and if not for a Josh Bosnos walk off homerun last week, they could be above .500 and looking to move into that Top 4. The offense struggled last week against the Vaderz, managing only 8 runs total, but the pitching was outstanding, lead again by Kenny Santiwan and that nasty knuckball. They are not called the Singles, but they must find a way to score more runs without the long ball, in my opinion. With another big series against the Legends this week, with this be the series that get the Bombers going or will it be another series where just one play here or one hit there determines the difference between winning or losing a series.

6) SNAPPERS (11-15) – Power ranked right, probably. Where they should be in the standing, not even close to their standards and expectations. The offense has been steady, and the defense has remained as good as you can get in the PLW. But the pitching has been a disaster at times. Plagued by the longball this year the Snappers have been on the bad side of some untimely homeruns. A sweep of the Pharaohs may have been just what this team needed to get a jump going into the second half. They start the 2nd half against the Lightning, with no TB7! That may not be the best formula to get a series win, but it will force this team to dig down and find that guy or guys to keep the winning ways going.

7) LEGENDS (12-15) – The Legends bats came alive last week, scoring 25 runs in 3 games. And that was a big relief for manager Brad Ogden. This was about the time last season where the Legends went on their run toward the top of the PLW standings. Is there another one on the horizon? Hard to tell, the line up is as deep as anyone’s, and the rotation has been solidified with the emergence of JT Church and some good appearances from rookie Brendan Hite. If attendance improves and it will, in the coming weeks. The Legends should improve on that second half win total and threaten that #5 spot when it is all said and done.

8) ONES (10-17) – Don’t look now but the Ones are starting to come around. With HUGE series win against the Lightning, last week the Ones are now looking like with a second half surge they could be looking to steal that #5 spot and sneak into the playoffs. With a lineup of PCL all-stars, they were able to walk off the Lightning twice last week, but that cannot be expected in the coming weeks. The roster that features Ryan Chen, Adam Koutz, Adrian Gutierrez and James Stein, is a playoff team. But with only partial attendance from the “Big 4,” this is right where this team should be. The rookies are looking good, especially on the mound as Richard Parson and fellow PLW rookie James Ogburn have been eating up innings and being very effective when on the mound or in the field. Could a second half run be in the cards, attendance will determine.

9) NIGHT OWLS (8-19) – The Owls had another tough week, getting swept by my beloved Legends. The series featured the same recipe for the Owls troubles, too many walks followed either by an error or a timely homerun. Manager Beau Evans has the talent on the roster to be a playoff contender, this season and in future seasons. With PLW stars like Levi Lawrence and Andrew Miller to go along with rookies Malik Ogburn and Alex Silva. There is no shortage of talent. They just need to find that formula that can get them a few more outs and a few less errors. Look for this team to improve their win total in the second half, especially if they can find that 3rd pitcher on their roster. With all the draft capital the Owls possess, if they can avoid regulation, this could be a team to watch out for next season.

10) PHARAOHS (5-22) – The new look Pharaohs had a tough series against the Snappers last week losing all 3 games while only scoring 7 runs in the series. I believe this will not be the standard for the Pharaohs line up. Too many PLW quality bats with the addition of Alex Hutt, Gio Battastoni and Ethan Ibarra, once he is back. While the rest of the lineup should thrive as they will have protection from the influx of those 3. The pitching staff has an ace in Jason Walker, this PLW veteran has the stuff to keep the Pharaohs in games. Rookie Dustin Staggs is an accomplished wiffleball pitcher in other leagues and I am confident his stuff will translate into PLW success. Add Rylee Baxa, Seth Barden and Parker Trask, the future is bright for the Pharaohs.
Author: Brad Ogden