Week 9 Predictions

Week 9 – Predictions

LIGHTNING (16-8) vs ONES (8-16)
The last weekend of the first half starts off with this match up of teams at opposite ends of the standings, but both fighting to stay in different types of races. The Lightning have been at the top of the standings all season and are looking to keep pace with other teams at the top. While the Ones have been able to win some games here and there and stay in contact with that last wild card spot. A series win for either team is essential for ending the 1st half of the season with some momentum going into the second half. Purdy should be back, and the Lightning lineup has no problem putting up runs. The Ones will lean on the scorching hot Adrian Gutierrez, but it will be the deeper pitching staff and gold glove level defense that will be the difference.

LEGENDS (9-15) vs NIGHT OWLS (7-16)
The Night Owls are coming off a series win, well almost (they lead the suspended game 9-1). And the Legends are coming off a “bad split” for the second week in a row. The Owls Malik Ogburn tied a league record with 9 RBIs in a game against the Pharaohs last week and the offense will need him to stay hot against a Legends pitching staff that has been pretty good all season. Both teams need a series win to close out the first half as the #5 spot and last playoff spot is still within reach. The Owls will need to shore up their defense as the Legends put the ball in play as much as any team in the PLW. I can see this going either way, as both teams have played better in recent weeks than is reflected in their records. Sorry Owls, the Legends have more pitching, and the defense is better.

SANDVIPERS (20-4) vs CAJUNS (16-8)
The night cap for Saturday could be a championship series preview. The Sandvipers are on record breaking paces for wins and runs scored in a season, and they have one of the lowest team ERA in the PLW at 3.01. The Cajuns are playing some of the best wiffleball in the PLW going 15-3 over their last 6 weeks and they lead the league with a 2.34 ERA, while giving up only 17 Homeruns all season. Both teams’ offenses are at the top of the PLW and both teams sport excellent team defense. Basically, for me this comes down to can the Cajuns pitching keep these Sandvipers hitters in the yard? I say yes! Ledet and Ruesch will pitch all 18 of their innings if they do not walk out early. And both are lefties, that can help combat Tanic and Keegan who are both left-handed hitters. And pitching to contact versus Ledet, Daniel, Runnalls and Mansell may not have the intended results.
CAJUNS (2-1)

SNAPPERS (8-15) vs. PHARAOHS (5-18)
Is this the week the Snappers put it all together? We have been asking that question for 7 weeks now. Or will the new look Pharaohs find a way to win a series for new owners Gio Battistoni and Alec Hutt and keep the Snappers from gaining any momentum this season? These are both questions that the entire PLW nation is asking. The Snappers have been performing under the standards and it has been the pitching staff that has been the biggest culprit for the current record, as it seems every walk has been followed by a homerun. I look for the Snappers to take advantage of the Pharaohs shallow pitching staff and their pitching staff to feast on some of these rookie hitters. The Pharaohs lineup is potent, look for this to be the highest scoring series of the weekend!

BOMBERS (12-11) vs. VADERZ (17-7)
We end the first half of Season 6, with another must watch series. Bombers coming off a comeback win in extra innings to take their last series will be looking to build some momentum going into the second half of the season. And the Vaderz will be looking to get back to their winning ways after being uncharacteristically swept by the Cajuns last week. The Bombers will need their pitching to step up in this series and keep the Vaderz lineup in check. Kenny Santiwan has looked good in his last couple of appearances with that nasty knuckleball, but it will need to be either Max Fernandez or Trevor Bauer that will need to get back to their dominating selves. For the Vaderz, it will need to be the offense that jump starts this team. Last week was NOT the norm, look for this lineup to get back to smashing homeruns and putting up a lot of crooked numbers. Too much Eder, Roundy, B. Santiwan and Christie on the mound and at the plate.
VADERZ (2-1)
Author: Brad Ogden