Week 10 Preditions

Week 10 – Predictions –

ONES (8-19) vs SANDVIPERS (21-5) – On paper this looks like it could get ugly in hurry. But the Ones are coming off maybe the biggest upset of the 1st half of the season, by winning their most recent series against the Lightning in dramatic fashion. The Sandvipers had a short series against the Cajuns last week that really did not give us any reason to think this team is going to slow down anytime soon, scoring 24 runs in the 2 games. Will the Ones have a lineup that looks more like a PCL challengers’ team, or will it look like a PLW caliber playoff team? It may not matter. The Sandvipers are on a record setting offensive pace and look forward to that continuing this weekend. Too much firepower, even without Petrovsky on the mound potentially. Vipers roll.
SANDVIPERS (2-1) – Sweep Potential

LIGHTNING (17-10) vs SNAPPERS (11-15) – The middle series on Saturday has one team, the Lightning, looking to rebound from a disappointing week last week and the other, the Snappers, looking to keep the momentum going coming off a sweep. This is a tough week to call for me. The Lightning stubbed their collective toes against the Ones last week suffering 2 walk-off losses. While the Snappers served up a sweep, with Taylor Bryner struggling at the plate and enduring the “Tom Gannon Experience.” I look for the Lightning to step up and play to the higher level of this week’s competition. But do not count on Bryner struggling again at the plate. In my opinion, this will be a battle of pitching and the Lightning will have more of it, especially if there is a Dalbey sighting.

LEGENDS (12-15) vs. BOMBERS (13-13) – A rematch of a good series from 2 weeks ago, these two rivals will battle it out again. And if 2 weeks ago was a precursor, this series could go either way. The Legends are coming off their 1st sweep of the season as the bats woke up for the whole series and looked good, especially with Derrick Corral showing up in Game 3 and getting 2 hits in 2 innings. And the Bombers played arguably the best series of the week and maybe the season coming up just short against the Vaderz and a Josh Bosnos walkoff. This is another series that could go either way as both teams are looking to stay in contact with the Top 4 teams while also solidifying that #5 Wild Card spot. Will the Legends have a full team, hard to tell. Will Kenny Santiwan continue to baffle hitters like a Cy Young candidate? Hate to do it, but I am going with my Legends, assuming my lineup is at full capacity.

CAJUNS (17-9) vs VADERZ (19-8) – Sunday’s first series is a great way to kick off the 2nd Half of the season. The Cajuns have steadily risen the rankings and the Vaderz have been there just about the entire 1st half of the season. Last week’s series for both teams did not change my opinions of either team. Both are serious championship contenders and this week’s series is just a week to sit back and enjoy some of the best PLW has to offer. Both teams feature, in my opinion, the two of the best pitching staff in the PLW. And these offenses have also stepped up to be at the top of the PLW. Which team’s combination of shut down pitching and quick hit offense will have the advantage? Total coin toss for me, but I will lean on who I feel is the best pitcher in the PLW currently, Andrew Ledet.
CAJUNS (2-1)

PHARAOHS (5-21) vs NIGHT OWLS (7-19) – Sunday night concludes with 2 teams looking to rebound from being swept last week. The new look Pharaohs look to have their attendance issues resolved, at least in the short term, and have been able to field a complete and solid team. The Night Owls are still looking for a spark, whether it is on the mound or in the field, to help shore up their game. The offense has been productive, but the defense and pitching has not been able to hold up their end of the bargain. In my opinion, this series will come down to which team’s 2nd & 3rd pitchers will be the most effective in getting outs and the offenses should be evenly matched. Look for these teams to finish their suspended game from a couple of weeks ago (Owls up 9-1 in the 5th). I am looking for Andrew Miller to be the difference here, especially on the mound.
Author: Brad Ogden