Week 8 Predictions

SNAPPERS (7-13) vs. LIGHTNING (14-7)
The holiday weekend gets started with a matchup between 2 teams, that on paper should be much closer in the standings but are currently at opposite ends of the PLW spectrum. The Snappers are limping into the series after losing a series to the Ones last week, while the Lightning were able to take 2 of 3 in their series against the Bombers. With attendance a real talent this season, a holiday weekend may present the biggest challenges for all the rosters this week. Unfortunately for the Snappers their inability to consistently get out of innings appears to be the norm and this Lightning lineup has been able to punish their previous opponents by not giving away at bats no matter what the score. Hate going against the Snappers, but I like the Lightning here. The lineup is deeper than many give them credit for, and the rotation has proven itself so far in the first half of the season.

SANDVIPERS (18-3) vs. ONES (7-14)
Yes, that record is correct. The Sandvipers are putting together a monumental season in the early part of Season 6. Winners of 16 in a row, the Sandvipers have been mauling teams with their power laden lineup and supported by one the leagues best pitching staffs this team is on a roll that we have not seen before in the PLW. The Ones have put the rumors of their demise on hold as the lineup looked more like the Ones of the past last week, taking a series from the Snappers, and exceeding their predicted win for the season in just 7 weeks! With their veterans in the lineup, the Ones are a very formidable team and can beat any team at any time. How will the lineup look is anyone’s guess. But it may not matter, Sandvipers have not had any real attendance issues this season and I do not anticipate any this week. Sandvipers remain on a roll.
SANDVIPERS (2-1) *Potential Sweep!

OWLS (6-15) vs. PHARAOHS (4-17)
The Owls were able to get a walk off win against the reigning champion Cajuns last week to end their losing streak at 10 games. But at what cost? Keifer McClendon went down with an apparent injury and that could be a big blow to the Owls line up and rotation if he cannot go this weekend. The Pharaohs ran into the Sandviper buzzsaw on Thursday night and just could not get anything going against the PLW leading Sandvipers, until it was too late. The Pharaohs picked up former One Jeremy Lewallen off waivers to bolster their rotation and lineup, releasing Tera Hall to make room on the roster. This one is a complete toss up for me and should be a good series to finish Saturday. I am going to go Night Owls here. A little bit more pitching and not as many attendance issues.

BOMBERS (10-10) vs. LEGENDS (8-13)
A battle in the middle of the PLW standings could be the first step for one of these middles of the standing teams to separate from the bottom half of the PLW and get a little firmer grasp of that wildcard spot. The Bombers were able to salvage a “bad” split in their series against the Lightning last week and have been close to breaking out and going on a little run in this first half of the season. The Legends were also able to able to get a “bad” split against the Vaderz to close out Sunday night and were a couple of plays away from taking the series. Both teams are looking to build some momentum as they will face each other twice in the next 3 weeks and these series could be the springboard that separates either team from that chase pack at the bottom of the PLW standings. I hate to do it, but I am going Bombers here. Attendance could be minimal for the Legends.

VADERZ (17-4) vs. CAJUNS (13-8)
This could be the series of the weekend. The scorching hot Vaderz against the reigning champion Cajuns, who are also playing some good whiffs! Both teams have been at full strength most of the early parts of the season and have been playing equally well on both sides of the ball. The Vaderz lineup has been hitting the ball out the ballpark at a league leading pace with 55 as a team. And their 3-headed rotation has been up to the task of slowing down these PLW offense with the 4th best ERA in the league (3.73). The Cajuns have an equally imposing lineup that is just behind the Vaderz in most offensive categories, while their pitching staff has been at the top with the leagues 2nd best ERA (2.55) and giving up the least homeruns with only 15 given up all season as a team! These teams both play exceptional defense and do not give away free outs. This one is another toss-up for me, and I could go either way and justify both, but I will go with the Cajuns here. I like their staff’s ability to keep the Vaderz in the yard and avoid those big innings.
CAJUNS (2-1)
Author: Brad Ogden