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The Ones Win it All!

CONGRATULATIONS to your summer season CHAMPIONS! THE ONES! The young team went 33-9 in season play, breaking the single season win record while winning 13…

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Today’s Series Preview 7.22.21

5pm PST: Snappers at Sandvipers (3 game series) 7:30pm PST: Stonemen at Night Owls (3 game series) Here’s the information we’ve received from the manager’s…

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Today’s Starting Lineups

5pm PST: Stonemen at Warbirds (3 game series) 7:30pm PST: Bombers at Sandvipers (3 game series) With this weekend’s big NFT launch and now today’s…

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PLW Missions are here!

What are PLW Missions? PLW Missions are NFTs that can be blended from unwanted common or uncommon cards for a chance to win a Mission…

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Surprise! Early Pack Drop!

Premier League WIFFLE® packs are here! Today we are releasing 200 FREE packs while supplies last. Starting at 2pm you’ll be able to claim 1…

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Get Excited! PLW Dynasties Are Coming!

A digital trading card set sold by the PLW. Only sold in packs and come with a 100% secondary marketplace where players, fans & collectors…

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July 4th Weekend Tournament

Next Tournament July 4th Weekend in Vegas! Register HERE Friday (Optional) All players welcome, spectators $10 donation. 5pm: Gates Open for meet and greet player social….

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Allstar Rosters

Below are the list of full rosters. In bold are the starting all star team and the rest are sub players drafted out in case…

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PLW Season 1 Allstars – Hitters

14 managers and players were asked to vote for their top 10 position players in order. A 1st place vote was was 10 votes and…

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