PLW Season 3 Draft

LAS VEGAS – Premier League Wiffle tryouts were held on Thursday August 19th, at Hideaway field. Dozens of PLW hopefuls took to the diamond to showcase their skills in the hopes of being picked up by 1 of the 10 clubs competing in the upcoming Fall season.

After an evening of scrimmages and drills, the selections were announced with many of the potential draftees still in attendance. Some club managers that were happy with their roster chose to trade away their draft picks in exchange for players, future picks, and/or cash considerations.

This resulted in some clubs utilizing multiple picks while other did not partake in the draft at all. Chris Warfield of the Warbirds ended up with 3 picks in the top 5, while the Sandvipers, Night Owls, and Vaderz stood pat, opting not to add any additional players at this time. You can watch the tryouts and draft in their entirety as it was broadcasted live on Twitch. Without further ado: Here’s is the PLW Season 3 draft class:

#1 Warbirds – Justin Hicks

#2 Warbirds – Nate Ruiz

#3 Legends – Ethan Wigfield

#4 Bombers – Garret Brandt

#5 Warbirds – Dan Pickering

#6 Lightning – Kyle Loman

#7 Stonemen – Miguel Colon

#8 The Ones – Tyler Appelzoler

#9 Legends – James Church

#10 Lightning – David Harley

#11 Stonemen – Rick Hoffman

#12 Snappers – Brandon Gregg

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