2022 Draft Recap

LAS VEGAS – Over 50 players entered the spring draft that saw 24 players selected by 9 of the 10 PLW teams which was the most picks in a single draft in the PLW’s young history. With each team having a max of 12 on their roster that only leaves room for 120 players in the nation to be part of the top division in PLW. The Taco League (AAA) division of PLW will benefit greatly from the increased player pool as they will begin play a month later and expected to have a full set of teams and be more competitive than ever.

Watch the 2022 Premier League WIFFLE® Spring Season Draft. The Night Owls, Cajuns and Sandvipers loaded up their rosters with large amount of picks and are ready for the PLW Spring Season.

2022 PLW Spring Season Draft Pick Order

  1. Josh Towers (Night Owls)
  2. Will Morris (Cajuns)
  3. Keifer Mclendon (Cajuns)
  4. James Perez (Warbirds)
  5. Chris Kullman (Legends)
  6. Nathan Ruesch (Cajuns)
  7. Jake Schirle (Bombers)
  8. Cody Giordano (Sandvipers)
  9. Mark Tavano (Sandvipers)
  10. Glen Meadows (Sandvipers)
  11. Kyle Baker (Night Owls)
  12. Josh Atkinson (Lightning)
  13. Jordan Robles (Sandvipers)
  14. Dustin Flentie (Sandvipers)
  15. Jake Slusher (Vaderz)
  16. Sean Suller (Cajuns)
  17. Zach Beal (Bombers)
  18. Scott Burley (Vaderz)
  19. Pass (Sandvipers)
  20. Scott Lebrato (Snappers)
  21. Josh Tucker (Night Owls)
  22. Jameson Steed (Vaderz)
  23. Cody Runnalls (Lightning)
  24. Denis O’Brien (Lightning)
  25. Pass (Legends)
  26. Pass (The Ones)
  27. Lonell Simmons (Bombers)