Week 11 Predictions

Week 11 – Predictions

BOMBERS (15-14) vs. PHARAOHS (8-22) – This is a matchup that looks a whole lot different after the Pharaohs sweep last week of the Night Owls. The Bombers are coming off their second series win against the Legends in the last 3 weeks and are looking to separate from the bottom half chase pack. Kenny Santiwan has emerged as the team’s #1 starter in recent weeks and has been as good as any pitcher in the PLW in recent weeks. And the Bomber’s solid attendance this season has led to a consistent and deep lineup 1 through 6. The Pharaohs are coming off the franchise’s first ever series sweep and there is life in the Pharaoh dugout. Led by owner Alex Hutt and Gio Battastoni, the Pharaohs are looking to climb out of those Relegation spots with another solid week. I like the Bombers here; the pitching is deeper, and the lineup has produced enough runs to win the series. Pharaohs win one.
Bombers (2-1)

NIGHT OWLS (8-22) vs. SANDVIPERS (22-7) – In maybe the most lopsided matchup of the year in the PLW, so far this season. The Night Owls have been in a downward spiral for a couple of weeks and suffering a sweep last week at the hands of the new look Pharaohs may be the low point. And the Sandvipers took it on the chin last week from the Ones, coming out of the bad end of the split winning the last game. The Sandvipers are not a team that you will be looking to get right against, the lineup is unrelenting and will be looking for a little get right of their own against the fledgling Night Owls. Night Owls have the offensive talent to expose the one chink in the Sandviper armor, and that is lack of pitching depth. If they can get to the 3rd and 4th pitchers on that staff and Holligan and Lawrence can avoid the big inning, the Owls could get at least 1 win. Sorry Owls, it is Sandvipers in another series win.
Sandvipers (2-1) * Sweep Potential

LIGHTNING (18-12) vs. LEGENDS (13-17) – The nightcap on Saturday features a couple of teams that have struggled a little in recent weeks and one of these teams will be coming out of this series feeling better about the start to their second half of the season. Lightning lost their series to the Snappers last week, where offense was a premium due to the weather conditions. The Lightning need to find their offensive production this week, their pitching and defense remain some of the best in the league. The Legends on the other hand, have found their offense in recent weeks. But the death by 1000 singles has left them short losing 4 close games in the last 3 weeks. Will the Legends attendance be better this week, no telling. The Lightning are good, and their offense will find its stride, but will this be the week. I hope not selfishly. I think the loss of Joey Franklin to the Snappers could impact their defense. Whose star shines the brightest? Against my better judgment, Derrick Corral is the difference.
Legends (2-1)

SNAPPERS (13-16) vs VADERZ (21-9) – The Snappers added to the mystery of their season last week, taking a series from the Lightning without Taylor Bryner. But through losing Jonathan Wilson midway through the series due to heat exhaustion a mid-series trade to acquire Joey Franklin and losing the first game of the series 1-0, somehow, they figured it out. The Vaderz on the other hand, did not need those types of theatrics, as they pitched and slugged their way to a series win against the Cajuns last week and have ascended back to the top of the Power Rankings. The Vaderz have rebounded nicely since getting swept a couple of weeks ago and look to have regained their collective focus after the big trade with the Pharaohs. Can the Snappers keep up the momentum or will the Vaderz deep pitching staff and power laden lineup just be too much? Vaderz are a dangerous team. I like their 4-headed rotation here to keep the Snappers at bay.
Vaderz (2-1)

ONES (12-18) vs CAJUNS (18-11) – The Ones have been one of the hottest teams in the league in recent weeks going 7-5 in their last 4 weeks, with a variety of lineups and roster makeups. And that run of good weeks has taken them to within 1 win of the 6th spot in the standings. The Cajuns are still just motoring along, even with the bad side of the split with the Vaderz last week. The rotation has been strong with manager Andrew Ledet managing innings between his 3 main pitchers with maximum efficiency. The Ones are trying to make a playoff push and the Cajuns would like nothing more than to get back to their winning ways and keep the Ones at arm’s length in the standings. Which Ones team will we see? Chen, AK, Stein, Gute, Parson, Ogburn and the rest of the actual roster or will it be another PCL makeshift lineup? Against the Cajuns it may not matter, but if a full lineup would be better. Like the Cajuns here, simply because we know will be there and the Ones lineup is still unknown as of this prediction.
Cajuns (2-1)
Author: Brad Ogden