The PLW Hosts 3 Tournaments a year.

  • March 27th-28th – Spring Kick off Classic $2,500 prize (16 teams max) $250 buy-in
  • July 3rd-4th July 4th Tournament $2,500 prizes (12 teams max) $350 buy-in
  • September 25-26th10k Super Showdown $12k in cash prizes (16 teams max) $1k buy-in

March 27-28th 2021

This is a fundraiser to help bring money and awareness to Ranch Island Rescue a non profit animal sanctuary providing care and shelter to homeless animals in need.

ENTRY: $250 per team (register here)

The PLW is a competitive semi-fast pitch format with clean balls and unmodified yellow tape bat played exclusively at the private Ranch Island Field in Las Vegas.While there is no pitching speed limit, a ball hitting the strike zone must be 55mph or less to be a called strike judged by radar. There is no base running and infielders have 5 seconds on bat contact to make a play on a ground ball and hit the backstop in the air.

See Rule BOOK Here

Don’t miss this amazing event, some new faces, some old but most of all it’s for a good cause as we help spread awareness and raise funds for homeless animals.

  • Private Fundraiser
  • RSVP Only!
  • No Walk ins
  • Spectators Limited & Donation to Rescue Required per person.
  • Current COVID Restrictions will be enforced
  • event will be outdoors

July 3rd-4th 2021

September 25-26th 2021

Register Here 10k Super September Showdown