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  • The Sandvipers are owned and managed by Adam Tanic who happens to be the Founder and Commissioner of PLW. The defending champions of the 2021 fall season, Tanic drafted five players to fill up his roster in the 2022 spring draft. Cody Giordano, Marc Tavano, Glen Meadows, Jordan Robles, and Dustin Flentie. Looking deeper, Tom Gannon, Justin Hicks, Kenny Mcdowall, Michael Dean, and Jordan Keegan are amongst the elites in the league. If one or more of the Sandviper rookies can produce offensively, the Vipers will be in a great position to build a long lasting franchise.
  • The Vaderz are the only team to earn their way into the PLW via the Challenger Tournament. Managed by Sesaí Alarcón, he wasted no time earning a playoff spot and shocking PLW nation when nobody else thought they would be successful. Billy Santiwan, Logan Christie, Alonzo Valencia, Gio Battistoni, Ethan Ibarra and rookie of the year, Tanner Roundy, are all returning from last seasons squad. The Vaderz will have Kyle Eder to bolster their lineup and he will be a top candidate for rookie of the year. With a full PLW season under their belt, the Vaderz will know what to expect from the get go, and if they get off to a hot start, they may never cool down.
  • The Bombers are currently owned and managed by Alex Fernandez. A close nit group as it contains 4 family members, Alex, Max, Mateo, and their father Al Fernandez. Trevor Bauer, Hollis Hale, Justin Grenier, Garret Brandt, Jake Schirle, Zach Beal, and Lonnell Simmons round out the rest of their lineup. The trio of brothers form a formidable pitching rotation, but their offense is still a work in progress. Mateo and Bauer both put together good seasons at the plate but they’ll need someone else to step up to be successful in the PLW. If the Bombers can get their offense to explode, they may leave a lot of teams shell-shocked and potentially, a dynasty for the years to come.
  • The Lightning are a professional wiffle ball team founded by Chad Phillips in the fall of 2021. They earned their way into the PLW as an expansion team finishing their first season with a record of 16-23, barely sneaking into playoffs. Bruce Huson, Kyle Loman, Jayk Purdy, Devlin Daniel, Tyler Willinsky, and Tim Reilly are all returning from last season’s roster. During the 2022 draft, Phillips traded his first round pick and was still able to draft Josh Atkinson, Cody Runnalls, and Dennis O’Brien. Purdy and Devlin are sure to be the 1-2 punch on the rubber and round out the Lightnings core pitching rotation. Phillips has confidence in his players, and if they show that same confidence in themselves, they will continue to thrive in the PLW
  • The Night Owls have rebranded from the once known, Calicos. Owned and managed by Nick DiVella, this team is one of the core 8 that started in the PLW. A great team on paper, but have struggled offensively over the years and found themselves in relegation at the end of the fall 2021 season, finishing dead last in the standings. They were met by Dave Cabbrera’s, Kingsmen in the Challenger’s Tournament, but a heroic three-run homer off the bat of AJ Petrovsky kept the Night Owls in the league. That homerun allowed the Owls to retain the first overall pick in the draft, where they selected eight year MLB veteran pitcher, Josh Towers. Both out of town wifflers, Randy Dalbey & James Stein, are expected to be eligible for playoffs despite the increase to 20 games for playoff eligibility in this 54 game season. Brandon Maio, Barry Hutter, Matty Levine, AJ Petrovsky, and Joe Kuether are all returning from last year’s roster. Expect the Night Owls to be a scrappy team this season, and every season, as playing to avoid relegation will make a mark on them and may turn it into playing for a championship each year moving forward. This team was acquired by player Beau Evans who is now the team owner.
  • The Legends, owned by Brad Ogden, were once known as the Tomahawks. The oldest team in the league by age but they have undoubtedly shown their wit and grit to play with younger teams through each season. Billy Osgood, Casey Taravella, Jason Stephenson, Nick Sansone, Alex Garcia, Derrik Corral, James Church, Tony Garay, and Ethan Wigfield form their core roster. They selected Chris Kullman with the fifth overall pick in the 2022 spring draft to add some spark to their team. As a self proclaimed group of old guys without big egos, the Legends should be fine with being overlooked in the PLW
  • The Ones, managed by Scottez Dobbins, won the PLW championship in the summer season of 2021. A team full of skilled baseball players who found themselves in the Challenger’s Tournament the very next season after being knocked out of the league by the Cajuns and Legends in playdowns. The loss of CY Young winner Ryan Chen, and playoff MVP Cody Schmidt was a major reason for this as Adam Koutz had to step in to become the team’s ace in the fall. It’ll be no surprise to see The Ones back at the top of the standings with their dynamic duo returning to the rotation. With the deepest pitching rotation in the league, and one of the strongest lineups as well, it’s safe to say The Ones will forever be a force to be reckon with.
  • The Warbirds are a professional wiffle ball team and one of the core 8 teams who first played in the PLW. Owned by Chris Warfield, they are a team full of potential with the likes of Jim Dodos, Matt Petrikas, Shawn Mersiel, and out of town slugger, Peter Mocabee. They will need help from their fellow teammates to take some of the pressure off them if they ever want to succeed in playoffs. If the Warbirds hit the ground running, and put some runs on the board, they can soar to the top of the standings and be a top contender in one the toughest leagues in the world.
  • The Cajuns, formerly known as the Stonemen, are led by Owner/Manager, Andrew Ledet. Ledet’s roster at the time of taking over and rebranding included three players that went undrafted; Casey Nielsen, Bucky Wantman, and Sashi Bobba. Ledet made trades to acquire three more players that weren’t getting much playing time on their respective teams; Beau Evans (Lightning), Johnny Yepez (The Ones), and Anthony Michael (Vaderz). After trading away most of his assets, Ledet came away with another left handed pitcher in Ryan Reusch, and a couple extra draft picks. He selected Will Morris, Keifer McLendon, Nathan Reusch, and Shaan Suller. This rag tag group of wifflers make a great combination of players and don’t be surprised to see them in the hunt for a playoff spot down the stretch. Ledet has his work cut out for him managing this team, but if he figures out his pitching rotation early, the Cajuns will take a lot of teams by surprise.
  • The Snappers reached the Championship series in each of the first three seasons in PLW history, winning 1 of them. The team is half owned by gold glover, Jesse Capps, and half owned by 3 time MVP and Cy Young award winner, Taylor Bryner. Shane Weber, Manny Santillanes Jr, Johnny Castañeda, Jonathan Wilson, Greg Kelley, and Brandon Gregg are rounding out the rest of their roster. If they’re able to get the lineup rolling they’ll be nearly unstoppable. Even if they don’t, their pitching will be good enough to keep them in games, and a threat as they have shown since the beginning of PLW.

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