The Las Vegas Sandvipers were originally started in 2006 when 3 roommates, Adam Sowell “Tanic”, Jeff Cochran and Steven Johnston decided to start a competitive adult league baseball team that would also compete in all of the yearly west coast tournaments as well as the summer collegiate league.

The Sandvipers would go on to win 8 league and tournament championships between 2007 and 2011. By 2012, with Adam spending a majority of those years playing baseball in Europe and most of the original team have moved away, Johnston decided it was time to fold the team due to his new marriage and busy work schedule with his business. Gary Arlitz long time Sandviper continued the team with a new name, the Sun Devils and they continue to play in the local Vegas adult baseball league today.

See original Sandvipers here and check out the Sun Devils here

And now as of 2020, the Sandvipers have been reborn in the PLW as a competitive WIFFLE ball team. Led by original Sandviper Owner/GM, Adam Tanic, the vipers brought back another player, Jason Walker and continued the tradition of playing with roommates on their roster with RIR Animal Sanctuary Vice President Trench Picone, professional photographer Casey Herzog, journeyman WIFFLE ball player Tom Gannon and occasional appearances by Daniel Healy “Austin Aries” an American Professional Wrestler and voice actor.

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