Rule Changes for Season 6!

Holding Runners

  • In season 5 any single that reached the outfield automatically advanced runners 2 bases. This is no longer the case in season 6!
  • Fielders now have the option to hold the runner(s) to one base by:
    • Throwing the ball to 3rd base in under 5 seconds. Runner stops at 2nd base.
    • Throwing the ball to the backstop (in the air) in under 5 seconds. Runner stops at 3rd base.
    • When there are runners at 1st and 2nd, a throw to the backstop (in the air) in under 5 seconds will hold both runners and 2nd and 3rd.
    • When there are runners are 1st and 2nd, a throw to 3rd base will only hold the runner at 2nd base. The runner from 2nd base will still score.

Sacrifice Flies

  • In Season 5 the option to tag up from third was paused due to safety concerns. Those safety concerns have evaporated and we don’t care anymore! Sacrifice Flies are BACK in Season 6!
    • With less than two outs, a runner on third may “tag-up” and run for home after a fly ball has been caught. If ball is thrown to the backstop, in the K zone, or hits the runner, before the runner tags home plate, he is out. It is important to note, that the throw may touch the ground before hitting the backstop.
    • There is a “commit” line painted 18 feet down the third baseline. If the tagging runner crosses this line (touches it in any way) he has “committed” and cannot return to third base.

Illegal Pitches

  • In Seasons past pitchers were allowed to deliver the ball in nearly any manner they saw fit. That is no longer the case in Season 6! New restrictions include:
    • A pitcher’s pivot foot (back foot) must be touching the pitching rubber while when delivering the ball. They may not hop, jump, or slide forward during their delivery.
    • A pitcher’s plant foot (front foot) must land on the pitching mat. The pitcher’s entire front foot must land off the mat to be called for an illegal pitch under this rule.
    • Consequences for an illegal pitch (per pitcher, per series)
      • First infraction – A warning will given and the pitch shall be ruled “no pitch”.
      • Second infraction – The pitch shall be ruled an automatic ball.
      • Additional infractions – A base-on-balls will be issued.
Author: GK Rabbit