A team may have up to 10 players on their season league roster.

Free Agents

A team may add a free agent who they personally recruit to their roster at any time. A free agent is any player who:

  • Hasn’t been to the ranch
  • Has not been recruited by the league social media

The Draft

A league draft will take place the weekend after the season playoffs conclude.

Any player wishing to be released by their team must notify their manager and the league commissioner at least 24 hours prior to the roster submission deadline.

The Roster Submission Deadline is the Friday before a new season starts. Managers have until that Friday at midnight to lock in and release any players from their roster.

All players not on a roster are eligible to enter the draft and must do so by filling out an info form which will be used by all managers when making their selections. Any player found to have intentionally sandbagged their draft form with the intent to be picked up by a team with inside information will become ineligible to play that season.

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Playoff Eligible

A player must play in at least 12 games that season

A player must be added to the roster before the Waiver Deadline (Friday before midnight after the 10th week of regular season)

Waiver Wire

A player released by their team before the Waiver Deadline will be placed on waivers giving teams a chance to add them to their roster. If no teams pick up the player, then the player becomes a free agent.