Property Rules

Property & Event Rules

  • 21+
  • No Pets
  • No Glass
  • No Weapons
  • No Cigarettes
  • Vegan Food Only
  • No Unregistered Plus 1’s
  • No Loitering Outside Gates
  • Be respectful to all women here

Remember this is a private residence first, an animal sanctuary 2nd and a wiffle ball league 3rd. Violation of any of the above rules will result in suspensions. 1st offense: 5 game suspension, 2nd offense 42 game suspension. 3rd offense perma banned. We do not test for vegan steroids or other vegan PEDs.


  • Must sign in each time (sign in book at entrance)
  • $10 donation per person, per night venmo @ranchisland or 
  • OR be a monthly support/sponsor of Wiffle Winnie $20/month
  • no children, no minors, 21+ only
  • You’re also responsible for any guests and any property rules they break are on you

The Bar/Club House

To keep things more organized we’ll be keeping a “team tab” for anytime players want snacks, drinks, dinner, etc.

This is not a real bar or a business, but a collaboration to allow everyone to pitch in for food and drinks. You may donate a keg or your favorite bottle in advance for tab credit or just Venmo $ and we can go to the store and keep things stocked.

Clubhouse Closes at 11:30pm

Each Team Needs A

  • General Manager
  • Assistant GM or Game Manager
  • Trained score keeper (iScore app)
  • (optional) Content manager (can write a weekly sports column or team social media pics)


The entire season schedule is posted, (under PLW Spring Season) if you want to move games you must Let the other manager know AT LEAST 8 DAYS before your game is scheduled, otherwise it’s a forfeit


A.) Because the other manager and his team of players have made plans to be there. 

B.) by opening up a window to play with advance noticed, it allows other teams to take those times.

Game Play

Pitcher only one ball in hand
Players jog out of batters box when hit in fair territory

  • a.) looks better on camera
    b.) doesn’t block camera from seeing ball (future highlight videos)
    c.) gives the fielder a clear path to throw ball to backstop

No wearing any types of gloves on defense, bare hands only.