PCL Week 3 Recap

Morning Series: Diablos and Lumberjacks

The morning PCL series in Week 3 featured The Diablos and the Lumberjacks. 

Game 1 kicked off with the Diablos having control issues on the mound. They were giving out walks like free candy, and the Lumberjacks were kids at the PCL candy store. They put up nine runs in the first inning. Veteran Jay Kohler led the charge with two hits, and not to be outdone, Jake Johnson and James Shorey chipped in with a hit each. But the real star of the show was James Shorey on the mound, pitching an entire game shutout. 

The Lumberjacks remained unstoppable in Game 2. They erupted for 11 runs, leaving the Diablos scratching their horned heads. Jake Johnson was a force to be reckoned with, pitching a complete game and allowing only two hits. Jay Kohler was on fire at the plate, going 4 for 4 with three singles and a double. The Diablos, unfortunately, couldn’t scratch any runs across, but Carlton Franklin and Aaron Harris managed to sneak in two hits. It was a real Lumberjack party out there!

Now, onto Game 3, where the Lumberjacks decided to show off their dominance once more. Lightning struck twice as they dropped another 11-0 victory on the Diablos. The Diablos couldn’t catch a break, but Brian Dozer did his best to keep them in the game with both of the team’s two hits and a solid 4-inning stint on the mound. But it wasn’t enough to stop Mario Reza and the Lumberjacks’ pitching magic. Reza allowed just those two Dozer hits while racking up an impressive 8 strikeouts.

Afternoon Series: Pharaohs and Regulators

The afternoon slate on Saturday featured The Pharaohs against The Regulators. With temperature reaching 112 degrees, the Managers from both teams decided to play 4 inning games instead of 6 inning games to keep their players safe.

In Game 1, The Pharaohs jumped out to an early three-run lead, but the Regulators would fight back with two runs of their own in the third inning. However, the Pharaohs held on for the win.

Josh Bosnos led the way for the Pharaohs with two hits, an RBI, and a run scored. Not to be outdone, veteran Brad Ogden of The Regulators also came through with two hits, an RBI, and a run scored.

The Pharaohs shut out the Regulators in Game 2, thanks to a stellar pitching performance from Parker Trask. Trask pitched three innings of shutout ball, giving up only one hit and striking out four batters. He also helped his own cause with a home run.

Josh Bosnos also went deep for the Pharaohs, while James Ogburn recorded the only hit for the Regulators.

The Pharaohs completed the sweep in Game 3, thanks to a two-home run performance from Alonzo Valencia. Valencia also played shut-down defense at third base, helping to keep the Regulators off the scoreboard.

Dylan Sebron also contributed an RBI for the Pharaohs, while Kyle Baker had the only Game 3 hit for the Regulators.

Evening Series: Los Burros and 86ers

The 86ers and Los Burros faced off in the late PCL games.

Game 1: The 86ers narrowly secured a 1-0 victory over Los Burros in a tightly contested match. Leonard Quenneville delivered an exceptional performance, pitching a complete game shutout. In the 4th inning, Brendan Hite ignited the offense with a crucial double, and Weston Steed stepped up with a single to drive Hite home for the game’s only run. Notably, Codey Gaylord made an incredible diving catch in left field, overcoming challenging sun conditions. The game started with off-field excitement as Jose Ruiz made a brief appearance but had to leave immediately to attend to his wife, who was in labor. PCL and PLW Nation congratulate the Ruiz family!

Game 2: Los Burros bounced back in the second game, defeating the 86ers with a 2-0 victory. Jason Walker showcased his pitching prowess, striking out six batters over four innings and only allowing one hit. Los Burros took an early lead in the first inning, scoring two runs thanks to RBIs from Richard Parsons and Nick Fabiano.

Game 3: The rubber match proved to be a high-scoring affair for Los Burros, who emerged victorious with a final score of 7-2. They showcased an impressive offensive display, out-hitting the 86ers and capitalizing on defensive miscues. Richard Parsons made a spectacular diving Superman leap in Right Center to rob Brendan Hite of a triple. A scary moment in the game came when Matthew Kelly hit a powerful line drive back at pitcher Jameson Steed. Though Jameson briefly lost consciousness, he bravely located the ball and made the putout at first.

Los Burros had standout performances from Jason Walker and Richard Parsons, both hitting home runs, while Cameron Steed managed to hit a home run for The 86ers.

Author: Jameson Steed