About PLW

Welcome to Premier League WIFFLE®. Started in 2020 during covid in Adam’s backyard, the PLW is a private league of friends that consists of 10 teams who must play well in order to keep their spot each season.

A former YouTuber, Adam moved to the Twitch platform where you can watch games and follow all the drama each night.

League games are played every weekend live on Twitch.

Saturdays – 10am, 1pm, 4pm
Sundays – 12pm, 4pm

PLW is a competitive semi-fast pitch format played with clean un-scuffed balls and yellow taped bat. Games are played exclusively at Castle Field in Las Vegas, NV.

While there is no pitching speed limit, a ball hitting the strike zone must be 55mph or less to be a called strike judged by radar. There is no base running…instead, bases are awarded depending on where the ball is hit. Infielders have 5 seconds on bat contact to make a play on a ground ball and hit the backstop.

At the end of each season, the 2 last placed teams are challenged in relegation play and must defend their spot against the top 2 teams from the PCL “Premier Challenger’s League.”