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Premier League WIFFLE® has just launched exclusive collectables with the PLW Dynasties Collection. These digital trading cards are available only in pack drops & by winning missions aside from occasional common promotional cards. Packs are limited & sold in different varieties featuring every player with seasonal “guests” that has made an appearance in the PLW as well as special moments and award cards.

PLW Dynasty packs will be dropped sometime in July 2021

Packs contain cards that are common, uncommon, rare and epic with legendary cards only available through blending.. Buy, sell, trade on the open market and collect sets of specific cards to forge into more rare and unique cards.

To participate, just create a just Wax Cloud Wallet that will hold your cards.

What are PLW Missions?

PLW Missions are NFTs that can be blended from unwanted common or uncommon cards for a chance to win a Mission Premium Pack. Current missions listed on PLW Blends Page

Do you think Tanic will get 14 total Bases vs the Bombers?

Before each series, a list of missions will be available up until game time.

  • Step 1: Browse the missions and pick the one you like
  • Step 2: Collect the required ingredients for the mission NFT
  • Step 3: Burn the ingredients to get the mission NFT in your inventory
  • Step 4: Watch the series and root for the player or team to complete the mission
  • Step 5: If you win the mission, go to step 6, if you lose the mission, sorry, better luck next time boss.
  • Step 6: Wait for the Premium Mission Pack to appear in the Blend Page and burn your mission NFT to get the Pack
Mission Winner Premium Pack

The Mission Premium Pack is only available by winning missions and has a much higher probability of pulling rarer coins and a slightly high probability of getting rarer cards vs Standard Blue Packs.

5 Card Slots
Each RNG Probability (Common 72.4%) (Uncommon 20%) (Rare 6.8%) (Epic .8%)

1 Coin Slot (Bronze 75%) (Silver 22%) (Gold 2.5%) (Platinum 0.5%)

Do you think the Stonemen will win the series against the Warbirds?